COMEDY BLOG #127 / Jokes about dying of corona

A man is in hospital dying of corona. His wife calls up and asks which suit he wants to wear in his coffin. He says: ‘Anything that goes with blue’. She asks: ‘Why with blue?’ He say: ‘Come on! Corona is a respiratory illness. When I’m dead, my face will be blue’.

An old lady is dying of corona. Her husband calls up and says: ‘This is strange. All our life I said I’d be the first one to go’. His wife answers: ‘Yeah, typical you! Never keeping promisses’.

A man is in hospital dying of corona. The doctor calls his wife and tells her husband is on a ventilator. The woman replies: ‘I’d like to see that. You know, the last 40 years, he never even touched a vacuum cleaner’.

An old lady is dying of corona. She tells a young male nurse she is very rich, has no family and if they marry, her fortune will be his. All he has to do is kiss her after the ceremony. There’s no time to be lost. The surgeon general acts as a priest. After the rings are exchanged, the surgeon general says to the nurse: ‘You may now kiss the bride’. The woman asks: ‘What did he say?’ The nurse says: ‘You just died’.

A business man is dying of corona. He calls his partner and says: ‘First of all, our company fortune is in a safe. The code is in a blue box on my desk. Secondly, I’m sorry’. His partner asks: ‘Sorry for what? The business man says: ‘That blue box, I coughed on it’.

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