Comedy Blog # 120 / Jokes in times of Corona

Last night, I was in a kinky mood. I say to my wife: Let’s play you as the nurse and I the patient. She agrees, walks out and comes back with a bodybag! I ask: What is this?  She says: You just died of corona!

Two guys are in hospital for corona. One asks the other: What’s your underlying condition? The other says: Diabetes. The first guy says: I got a std. I had sex with our nurse and she told me she has one. The nurse walks in and asks: So how are we today? The guy with diabetes says: Bad! I just found out I have a std.

Two guys are in hospital for corona. One says: I’ll be put on a ventilator. And you know what, I used to repair them! Doctors come in and attach him to a ventilator. They’re hardly gone as the man laments: I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die!  The other guy asks: How come you’re so sure?  The first man say: That’s a ventilator I repaired!

An elderly man and his wife are in hospital dying of corona. A nurse says that couples that die together can be united in one bodybag if they want. The woman says: Fine, but please, wash him. The nurse says: We always do that. The woman says: Great! That will be the first time he is washed before he hits the sack with me.

PS   The last three jokes I came up with in a row while riding on my bike. Like this style of humor? Go to Youtube and search for ‘Old Jews telling jokes’.